Air Conditioning

Venn Park Garages Air Con service is designed to keep your car cool even on the hottest days of summer. Our service includes replacing the cabin or pollen filter, an anti bacterial treatment to the evaporator inside of the car, a leak test is carried out and the refrigerant gas replaced.

Venn Park Garage's Air Conditioning service is designed to restore the optimal performance of your vehicles air conditioning system.
Our expert technicians will remove the old gas and replace it with new gas to ensure that you air con is running cold again. Our service is suitable for vehicles using either R134a or the newer R1234YF refrigerant, with prices depending on the gas used and the amount required.

Air Conditioning Service

Re Gas

Venn Park Garages AC leak test is designed to comply with F-Gas regulations which limits the refrigerant release to the atmosphere.
Our expert technician will introduce purified and dried Nitrogen gas in to the system and monitor for a drop in pressure which indicates a leak. using a variety of methods leaks can then be located for repair.

If your cars air conditioning system is not functioning correctly it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Our repair service can restore the system's functionality and get you back on the road in comfort.
Venn Park Garages experienced technicians can diagnose and repair your cars air conditioning system

Air Conditioning Repairs

Leak Detection